Regardless of all the controversy against Airpods, Apple first wireless earbuds is already showing signs of being a major hit of the season. According to the data from a market research firm Slice intelligence, chartered for us by Statista, the top seller has been Airpods in the online wireless headphone sales since the product release on December 13. Accounted for 26% of the market during the last three weeks of December which also includes the Holiday Season, by taking away market share, in large part from Apple owned Beats.
The future looks significantly brighter as more individuals appear to incline toward remote earphones. A staggering 75% of online earphone deals were remote in December, while the AirPods’ discharge date saw the greatest single day spending on the web for earphones a year ago, as indicated by Slice Intelligence.

apple airpods A Clear Winner In The Wireless Headphone Market; Apple`s Airpods

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