One of the largest a classic online game, RuneScape is now being migrated from browser to smartphone devices. We will see the modern and old school games on the smartphone and tablet screens.

The RuneScape developer Jagex announced the modern and old school version of the its classic MMORPG will be launched for all mobile and tablet devices at the end of the year. The game was for the first time launched in 2001, the game steal about over 200 million users from the gaming industry.

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The million of users play the online game, RuneScape was offered for free to play online from the web browser. The regular version of the game was also developed with some changing, but we are not sure the timeline of its launch and updates.

RuneScape is a sandbox MMO game like the other games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV or The Elder Scrolls Online that allow  a user to set up the goals and pick up the right pace that suits a player.

The game received timely revisions and updates from the launch of the game in the browser. We have been seen multiple version of the game since its launch for browser. The Guinness World Record, recorded its name as “most prolifically updated MMORPG video game”.

old school runescape mobile 2 Classic MMO RuneScape versions are coming to your smartphone and tablet devices

Although the RuneScape may not have many users as the history is the witness of the player. However, the old school and modern game for mobile and tablet may be stealing the other game player. According to the report, Phil Mansell, chief operating officer of Jagex says:

“This is a real step change for MMORPGs and a signal of Jagex’s intent to continue to push the boundaries of live games. The RuneScape titles will become the first mainstream and established Western MMORPGs on mobile in full, and the first to deliver interoperable play between PC and mobile platforms”.

“We believe in taking our games to wherever our players want them; recent player surveys showed an overwhelming 90 percent of active players and 64 percent of former players telling us of their very high intent-to- play on mobile”.

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