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Cisco Partners with SingularityNET on decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Cisco partners with SingularityNET

The latest updates in the world of IT talk about an exciting match up between Cisco and SingularityNet. Cisco is a major player in the online networking niche, andSingularityNet is a blockchain corporation. The partnership hopes to build applications that will exploit the extended possibilities available in advanced artificial intelligence, AGI.

AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is a subdivision of artificial Intelligence that is dedicated to developing higher machine learning capabilities that can solve a complicated intellectual problem. The focus of AGI systems makes them more advanced at machine learning and problem solving than their AI counterparts.

The term Artificial General Intelligence was coined in 2005 by SingularityNet founders Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin. Speaking on the partnership between Cisco and SingularityNet, Goertzel reported that the partnership is required because of the scale at which Cisco hopes to implement decentralized AGI systems. Cisco expects to find a suitable base for their brainchild in Cisco’s Artificial Intelligencedeveloping tools and the SingularityNet blockchain platform.

Goertzel also revealed that the AGI project might initially take the route of “narrow AI” providing beneficial solutions for specific systems and tasks. The AGI would be useful for industries such as marketing, big data analytics, medical research, and app development. Such a job would have global effects, and to ensure its success, Cisco has to partner with another IT giant.

What is AGI?
Artificial Intelligence is used to describe computer systems that can show certain functions that are consistent with human intelligence. Such features include machine learning, problem-solving, and emotional recognition. Just as human intellect is incredibly broad, artificial intelligence systems that have been patterned accordingly are also extensive.

Artificial General Intelligence is a term used to distinguish the ranks of higher artificial intelligence systems from lower ones. Lower artificial intelligence systems are mostly focused on a limited number of tasks and functionality. Artificial general intelligence has higher capabilities and features than are displayed by ArtificialIntelligence. Other related terms include “broad AI” and “strong AI.”

The adjectives ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ describes the AI’s system to perform a specific type of task. Currently, even AI systems that are categorized as weak AIs (such as IBM Watson and self-driving cars) deliver fantastic results.

Cisco’s Focus on AGI
The partnership between SingularityNet and Cisco was announced in late September 2019. SingularityNet’s has gotten a name for itself as an established company in decentralized AI technology. The partnership hopes to develop a global tier Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system that will change the face of technology in the years to come. SingularityNet’ brings to the table rich experience and successful techniques, which include deep neural nets for machine learning, language, visual recognition, and a decentralized blockchain platform.

SingularityNet has recorded successful campaigns in numerous industries, including gaming and entertainment, genomics, cybersecurity, robotics, and finance. SingularityNet’s founder Ben Goertzel reports that Cisco’s focus on developing an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is due to the extensive scope of its business activities. An AI system with broad applications would be more appropriate for the needs of such an extensive corporation. Goertzel also noted that Cisco has always been a pioneer in the area of decentralized computer networks, and the project would also contribute to relevant research.

Roles of SingularityNET
SingularityNet is a decentralised network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that is built on a blockchain platform. SingularityNet provides open access to numerous developers and users across the web. The current business concept allows AI developers who upload their apps and services on SingularityNet’s blockchain platform to get paid when users, who pay the AGI token, use them.

This arrangement is beneficial to both sides. SingularityNet provides a stable and secure platform for AI developers to do business and make a profit while SingularityNetgrows into a robust and extensive platform with AI services for every user. Currently, SingularityNet’s AI services include chess bots, text, and media analytics. The new partnership with Cisco promises to provide high-quality tools that boost the growth and development of SingularityNet’s decentralized AI platform.

Early Application
SingularityNet has recorded some previous success with decentralized blockchain AI, which qualifies it as a suitable partner for Cisco. In May, SingularityNet partnered with Domino’s Pizza to optimize its supply chain activities using blockchain algorithms. Ping An, a Chinese Insurance corporation, also partnered with SingularityNet, hoping to integrate optical character recognition, model training, and computer vision to improve its business processes.

How SingularityNET is growing having Partnership with Domino’s Pizza Division in Singapore and Malaysia
The recent partnership with Domino’s Pizza division in Malaysia and Singapore is very much beneficial to the growth of SingularityNet’s platform. SingularityNet is expected to record exponential growth by gaining access to Domino’s Pizza extensive recording archives. SingularityNet is also developing improved business models, feasibility studies, and relevant workshops to improve Domino’s efficiency and productivity. Domino’s division in Malaysia and Singapore will also be using SingularityNet’s AGI tokens, allowing AI developers who use the blockchain platform to collect the profit.

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