Battery drainage issues about to be resolved as Chrome 57 implements the policy of restricting the resource-hungry tabs to use not more than 1% of CPU

Chrome 57

Battery drainage is one of the worst parts of working on a laptop or any other device. Even after knowing the fact that the extra tabs opened in the background affect your battery life in a worse manner, we don’t agree to close them. Why? Because we are working on them and can’t open them again and again, in order to maintain our work speed. To resolve this problem, Google is up with a solution for its best browser, Google Chrome.

What’s New In Chrome 57?

The newest version of Google’s browser known as Chrome 57, has proved to be the first drop of the rain. Though google has some major ideas for improvements in its mind but to start their execution, this update has been brought forward which will restrict the CPU usage of the background tabs to 1%.

Now that sounds amazing because it will help you achieve your long life battery goals without forcing you to close those extra tabs. Obviously, the tabs running a video or an audio or a tab which needs to stay connected to a remote server can’t go inactive so they are included in the list of exceptions by Google.

The Strategy For Saving The Battery

According to the strategy explained by Google, after 10 seconds of being in the background, every one of the opened tabs will be deprived of the system resources except 1%. This amount of system resources is enough to keep them alive and they will easily return back to life as soon as you open them

How To Activate It?

The process of updating your browser in accordance with the Google 57 is not that difficult. To get it done, simply head to the Settings menu and then proceed to the “About” section where you will find the option for that.

Service Workers Technology

This is kind of a pre-emptive measure taken by Google and cannot become a permanent solution. So, to cope up with the problem, Google is planning a persistent solution and that is to enhance the next generation of websites with enhanced functionality. This will lead them to use the resources more efficiently without putting much load on the resources. Now that sounds to be an effective solution.

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