According to different company insider sources, most of the upcoming chips will be based on the same 10nm manufacturing process. Which is also what the current flagship chips are based on. As there is still some time for chip manufacturers to shift onto the new 7nm manufacturing process.

ten53635 Chip Manufacturers Are Expected To Launch 7nm Chips In The Year 2019


Currently Qualcomm and Samsung are the only two chip manufactures that offers the best 10nm chips on the market. Which includes the Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm. While Samsung offers their Exynos 8895, both of which perform almost identical with the same amount of cores. As both of them are 10nm octa core chips. Though when it comes to Apple the company is way behind Samsung and Qualcomm. Which includes their A10 chip used on the current iPhone 7 smartphone. That is based on a 16nm TSMC manufacturing process. Whereas the upcoming iPhone is said to be running on a new chip. That will be based on a much smaller 10nm manufacturing process.

Aside from that Samsung next flagship smartphone known as the Galaxy S9. Will also come powered with a 10nm chip inside. That is rumored to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, a chip that has not been announced yet. But next year a lot of companies are expected to start working on their 7nm chips. Which also includes AMD, who will be announcing its new GPU architecture said to be based on a 7nm manufacturing process as well.

ibm 7nm chip wafer 100595653 orig Chip Manufacturers Are Expected To Launch 7nm Chips In The Year 2019

A shrink in manufacturing process allows the addition of more transistors per square. This will also help the chip consume less power, by offering higher performance compared to its predecessor. Though according to Moore’s Law, chip manufacturers will finally reach its potential in the year 2020. Which would be an interesting year to see, as what new chip technology replaces the current trend of shrinking manufacturing process each year.

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