It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that the new Apple iPhone X is the most expensive device from the company yet. But what makes the Apple iPhone X so expensive exactly? Well certain Chinese watchers have put their heads to this thought and have come up with the cost of the components, that are included in the Apple iPhone X.

iphones 8 x apple afp Chinese Watchers Calculate The Total Estimated Cost of Apple iPhone X

According to Chinese watcher the estimated total cost of a single Apple iPhone X is somewhere around $412.75. Which is more than half of what the new Apple iPhone X retails for, for the 64GB version. Though when it comes to different components. The 5.8 inch OLED display is the most expensive part of the smartphone. Which is currently being provided by Samsung only, as no other manufacturers can fulfill Apple’s mass production needs. That being said Samsung is also asking a pretty penny for their amazing looking OLED displays. Which is said to be somewhere around $100 to $120 per piece.

Other components include the new Apple A11 Bionic chip for $26, Qualcomm modem for $18. While the Face ID sensor and the front glass costs $25 and $18 respectively. Aside from that a stick of 256GB Toshiba NANA memory is priced at $45, while the 3 gigs of RAM on the new Apple iPhone X costs $24.

Untitled 1 Chinese Watchers Calculate The Total Estimated Cost of Apple iPhone X

This is how the Chinese watchers have estimated the total cost of the new Apple iPhone X. But hardware is not the only thing that goes into a smartphone. Because aside from putting all this together other factors also come into play. Which include things like manufacturing, logistics, software, marketing and much more.

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Being expensive the new Apple iPhone X still seems to be on everyone’s buying list. Which should make it hard for a lot of users to get their hands on one this year. Unless users are willing to pay extra to be the first owners.