Aside from Huawei, another Chinese manufacturer named Xiaomi is now also showing interest in the US market. Where Xiaomi has been planning for quite a while now to sell its phones in the United States. Though till now the company seemed to have no luck regarding this important move.

Well it looks like Xiaomi is finally back on track with expanding its business outside China. As according to a report from Wall Street Journal ‘’Xiaomi is planning to start entering the market by end 2018, or by early 2019’’. But the company have been trying for a few years now, so you never know when it really happens.

When it comes to Chinese manufacturers, a company like Xiaomi is not well known around the world. Though that being said Xiaomi is still the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in China. That also sells its phones in many developing countries around Asia, India being one of them.  Aside from that Xiaomi also started its operations in Europe as well as Spain.

%name Chinese Manufacturer Xiaomi Plans To Enter USA At The End of This Year After Huawei

Whether Xiaomi moves to US or not, the company still sells a wide variety of products. That includes products like cameras and speakers. Though by bringing their phones in, the company now hopes to be more successful. Which would be done by teaming up different carries via Verizon and AT&T.

Whatever the case maybe smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi are famous for selling affordable Android phones. Something that the US markets lacks a lot, as even Huawei wasn’t able to successfully move into US this year. This also gives Xiaomi a big advantage over its rivals in US. Because who wouldn’t want to get their hands on an affordable device running stock Android.

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Xiaomi also recently held a sales campaign in India. Where the company was out of stock in just over three minutes.