Oppo will be launching two new phones this year. Which includes the Oppo R15 and the Oppo R15 Dream Mirror edition. Both of which will be sporting a notch at the top, just like on the Apple iPhone X. These two new upcoming phones are already up for pre-orders, revealing a lot about the final design.

Aside from Oppo, other manufacturers like Asus, Huawei are also launching phones with a notch screen design. Where Xiaomi also recently got leaked, showing a notch on its bezel-less display. Whatever the case maybe most of the phones to launch this year are expected to ship with a notch. This also makes sense if you want to go for a truly bezel-less display. So the only place manufacturers can put their sensors on is the notch.

OppoR15 Chinese Manufacturer Oppo Also Expected To Launch A Phone With Notch This Year


Oppo is also claiming that their upcoming two phones will have a 90 percent screen to body ratio. That makes it come with a 19:9 aspect ratio on a 6.28 inch display. Which is slightly larger than the typical 6 inch display. Aside from that Oppo is also using software function that is similar to the iPhone X. Where users will be able to message while playing games. Though only one side of the notch can be used to do this.

In terms of specs the phones are expected to be powered by the MediaTek Helio P60 chipset. But the Chinese manufacturer might also go for the mid-range snapdragon variant. Where we might see one of the phones be powered by the Snapdragon 600 or 700 series.

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OPPO R15 official render 3 800x444 Chinese Manufacturer Oppo Also Expected To Launch A Phone With Notch This Year

Looking at the sales of the iPhone X, the phone didn’t get a lot of attention. Where Apple fans are kind of against the notch blocking the full experience of the OLED display. But maybe the price of the iPhone X also has a part in this. Reason why other manufacturers are offering similar design with an affordable price tag.