According to the report, the Chinese researched teleport the Photon in space 500 km apart from the earth. Chinese researchers have latest technology and space equipment. China has best scientist working on the quantum physics.

China has the hack-proof communications satellite. They are able to overcome the US and other countries to develop codes and revolution in quantum physics.

The first quantum-enabled satellite developed by China, commonly known as hack proof satellite. Micius/ Mozi the hack proof satellite is launched last year in space. The satellite have the same orbit as the earth have, Micius revolved in Sun-synchronous orbit and pass from the same point as the earth pass.

landscape 1477945053 gettyimages 623682717 China made a successful experiment to project Teleports Photon 500 Km from earth into Space

Micius is powered with latest technology that allow to capture the quantum states of Photos that are projected toward earth. Scientist breakdown the each quantum states and make experiments over Teleport and other cryptography.

Let me about to tell you about the teleportation, layman definition suggest that the teleportation is the process of sending a person or an object from one place to another without physically changing shape.

The process involves the two of quantum objects that share the same point from a place and exist at the same point in the same, that’s why they share the same existence on the earth and space.

dia China made a successful experiment to project Teleports Photon 500 Km from earth into Space

Chinese researchers able to create the entangled pairs of photons that have set at the frequency of 4,000 per second from the earth. The scientist beam out the photon from the Micius that pass over the China daily at the midnight.

While the other Photon is sent to the space through the satellite. Hence, they measure the entanglement phenomena to teleportation. According to the report, Chinese team says as:

“We report the first quantum teleportation of independent single-photon qubits from a ground observatory to a low Earth orbit satellite through an up link channel with a distance up to 1400 km.”

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