LG`s calling it quits with China – at least when it comes to selling smartphones.

LG’s mobile division has been bleeding money for past 11 quarters. This has resulted in executive shakeups and rumored delays of the LG G7, and amidst all the current drama, it’s been reported that LG’s mobile division has officially left Chinese markets.

lg v30 raspberry red 6 300x225 In China , LG has officially stopped selling phones.

Chinese news network Sohu recently confirmed this, getting a representative at LG’s Beijing office to say “LG mobile phone business has quit China.”

It may sound like a blow to LG, its not actually that surprise when we see the previous offered products in the country .The most current phone listed on LG’s Chinese website is the LG G5 SE – a less powerful version of the original G5 that was released back in May of 2016.

the news now came about the company that the Company will continue to sell the other electronic products  , but the export of phones is stopped officially . It’s unclear if this is a decision of LG’s recently appointed CEO for its mobile division, but if sales in the country were so stagnant that no new devices were released in 2017, it probably makes the most sense for the company to cut its losses and focus on markets where sales are a lot more substantial.


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