Whenever you think of a country surviving without Wikipedia, China is the first one to come to mind. Well, this is not a problem anymore for China as the government of the country has decided to launch its very own version of the Wikipedia with 300,000 initial entries. They are planning to name the newest information hub as the “Chinese Encyclopedia.”

pic 27 Chinas answer to Wikipedia, the Chinese Encyclopedia coming to the scene very soon

Scholars Getting The Jobs

Well, it’s not that easy to create an encyclopedia in a matter of days and especially to compete with the previously set benchmark, Wikipedia, it may require a whole lot of effort. To serve the purpose, China has decided to hire 20,000 people which will include thousands of scholars to come up with writings for more than 100 different disciplines.

China’s Great Wall Of Culture


pic 28 Chinas answer to Wikipedia, the Chinese Encyclopedia coming to the scene very soon

According to the statement of Yang Muzhi, the editor behind the project, it is “A Great Wall of culture.” Creating an encyclopedia which may look like Wikipedia isn’t the goal for the Chinese project, rather they want to go one step ahead of Wikipedia as Muzhi’s statement goes like:

We have the biggest, most high-quality author team in the world. Our goal is not to catch up, but overtake.

Getting Most Out Of The World’s Largest Online Population

With around 720 million online internet users, China is ranked number in the world and this figure can be pretty useful for the investors of Chinese Encyclopedia. Muzhi aims to cover following topics in the project:

  1. Scientific and Technological Developments of China
  2. Country’s historical heritage
  3. Strengthening the core values of socialism
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The figure of 720 million internet users is not brought into full use because of the limitations imposed on the Chinese population from the government. But this mega project backed by the Chinese president Xi Jinping seems to become a big success.