Drones are attractive with camera supporting but if it is in tiny size same as a dollar coin, than it seems to be quite adorable, indeed. Cheerson CX 10C is the world smallest drone camera invented up to date. Its so small and shape firmly like a small toy, when it start taking off the rotation of four tiny blades seems to be a Fidget Spinner ‘ a super-popular toy’ now a days. Really wonderful drone, which totally attracted me.

skeye nano drone 3 Cheerson CX 10C Is The World Smallest Drone Only For $24 USD

Cheerson CX 10c was launched with full video recording capability featuring a 3 MP camera. Initially it was priced for $50 but astoundingly many dealer sites dropped 50% off, so you can now get it for almost $25 USD. From Android Authority report:

I highly recommend this drone to anyone interesting in flying, whether you’re a beginner or have been flying for a while. That being said, there was a slight learning curve (for me at least) when I first took it out of the box. But once you get a feel for it it’s an easy and fun time… Overall, this is an excellent purchase, just be mindful of where you fly it.
~Philip Evreniadis, Amazon (4/5 stars, Jan 2017)

mini drone with camera 1 Cheerson CX 10C Is The World Smallest Drone Only For $24 USD

For your kind information, Tech Deals offering a controller, 2 GB memory card, 4 extra blades, an adapters and a charger to charge and transfer the recorded contents, all these extra packs are giving with the same price. So go and get it to terror your cat or record prank your dear one, but don’t try to harass you neighbours. Click here to read more specs about the drone.

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Source: Android Authority