We all love Fallout 4 so do we love Vegas. What if the fun is combined in a single place? The rumors were already wandering over the internet regarding Fallout’s new ‘Vegas Mod’ and it seems like things are moving towards reality.

Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod

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That’s what the mod is called because of the location that has been included in it. The latest screenshots that we have received here, are pleasantly surprising for us. The developer team led by Metamoth hasn’t worked on the weather system for weather specifically. The developers believe that the system should be used to create dynamic lighting because that’s more important as it will “make the world feel much more like one with an ever-changing atmosphere.”

The Release Date

To be honest, we are also unaware of the release date of the mod but one thing is clear that it would be a heavy update, capturing a sizeable world. Let’s all wait for more info regarding the Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod to roll out!

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