AORUS series is now extended for more gaming accessories by GIGABYTE and the first surprise we’ve got is the AORUS H5 Gaming Headset. Well, it’s not any regular gaming headset which you plug into your PC. Instead, the headset can go equally smooth with consoles and smartphones so you don’t need to buy extra ones for different devices.

Gaming H5

59165 01 gigabyte announce aorus h5 gaming headset Gigabyte rolls out the AORUS Gaming H5 headsets for gaming lovers

It consists of 50mm beryllium metal drivers whereas the usual headsets are made from the neodymium-based drivers. This material helps you reduce the vibrations in your headphones and provides you with the ultimate gaming experience. Here are the key features of the headset:

  • 285g weight
  • RGB 16.7M
  • RGB Fusion software

Experts have found this headset to be perfect for long use as normally gamers tend to play those addictive games for hours and hours so you don’t get those swollen ears at the end of your gaming session.

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