Jurassic World Evolution is one of the most anticipated games of the current times. Especially for those, who couldn’t get the idea of the JP movie out f their mind, this all-new in-engine trailer is a must watch.

The Trailer

Frontier Developments released the trailer for the upcoming 2018 game, Jurassic World Evolution which clearly shows off the graphics of Dinosaurs found in the park. You’ll definitely get a touch of nostalgia while watching the trailer. The good old days of Jurassic Park… Aahh! We all loved the movie!

Here are some of the dinosaurs featured in the game:

  • Diplodocus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Raptors
  • Tyrannosaurus

You’ll have a separate park for your Dinosaurs that you can breed by yourself. We can’t say much about the exact release date as the trailer just says ‘Summer 2018’. So lets just wait until something more prominent appears online!

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