A quick charging power bank made with graphene 5,000mAh debuted by Chinese WPG. The company want to launched a funding big campaign for what it want to calls the WPG Graphene Lightning Mobile charging Power Bank on JD.com and raised more than double of its are in the market is 100,000 yuan, i.e. approximately $14,500.

6 maxoak 50000mah power bank eileen brown zdnet Charging Power Bank 5,000mAh By Chinese WPG
Image source: Charging power bank 5,000mAh

That campaign is live for approximately for 7 days, So it is expected that it will increase more rate when Chinese customer use it for their mobiles and also the thrilled idea is getting successful the massive mobile charging power bank which charge the mobile in few minutes.

More excited thing is that charging power bank can charge any mobile within 10 minutes. The WPG Graphene Lightning Mobile Power Bank is also available in a large container, 10,000mAh variant with very quick charging support. Both chargers can give maximum power of 18w and won’t get heated or heat the mobile while charging or over charging. The batteries can be available in Matte Black, Sterling Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold Colours. JD backers can get the 5,000mAh model cost of 179 yuan, which is almost $26. The 10,000mAh alternative can be secured contribute 239 yuan, or just around $35. WPG is also offering discounts but is very quick to pick out how these prices are special to JD backers. Moreover, both alternatives of the WPG Graphene Lightning Mobile charging Power Bank will surely be somewhat exclusive once hit the market. There’s still no other word on a firm announcement date, with WPG’s power bank may be in coming month is expected to launch.

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Basically this charger is design to charge the mobile quickly and give quality to be charger. Huawei and its Watt Laboratory launched a set of graphene-assisted Li-ion batteries soon back in December. These products have designed or famous not only for the life time but also work in a high temperature without overheating.