USB Type-C is becoming popular in the devices. The smartphones either they are the mid-range specs or the high specs have introduced the feature of the USB Type-C port.

According to the verge report, the Lifepowr A2 offering the 27,000mAh battery pack along an AC outlet for the USB-C type. The company improve the performance of the battery pack with more storage capacity.

the best battery pack overall Charge your smart devices with the USB C battery pack of Lifepowr A2 and A3

The company last version “Lifepowr A3” has the feature of the 27,000mAh. Two USB-C ports featuring Thunderbolt 3, Quick Charge 3.0, two USB-A ports that support Quick Charge 3.0 and as well as the AC socket.

According to the report, the company claims users can use the five ports at a time in the pack of A3. However, the device has the charging capacity by using the 60W charger measures as the 50 percent for the thirty minutes.

Along with that, the company is also offering a solar panel for the users of A3, so that battery could be charged by using the solar energy. This feature will helpful for the users, outside the home, may be for those users to avoid the charging of the devices frequently.

You can buy A3 with the affordable price $159, and A2 for $239 from the Amazon. The Company already ships the product, you have to preorder the device as a discount. The Company also announce the shipment of the A3 will start in the November of this year. You can share your opinion with us by leaving the comments in the comments box given below!

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