It looks like 2017 will be a major year for cell phones. After a long hold up, 10nm will at last make it to flagships. Qualcomm’s as of now released the Snapdragon 835, and with the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung will likewise enter the field. But this post is about utilizing your cell phone to see past a book’s cover. In what capacity you ask? Read on to find out.

The flagship cell phone race concentrates on a few components. Phone makers hurry to furnish their gadgets with the most recent camera, processor and display details. These are then finished up with some extra “brownie” elements including software updates. The final product is a gadget that costs a kidney for a greater part of people and is rendered obsolete inside a timetable year. Presently, at CES, there’s another component that hasn’t emerged beforehand for cell phones.

The Changhong H2 highlights an Infrared sensor on its back that’ll help you in multiple ways in your day to day life. The sensor on the gadget can be utilized to distinguish fake pills, calculate BMI, see whether organic products are spoiled and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The sensor beams Infrared light at the object which then reflects it back at various wavelengths. These are transferred to a database that gives the last yield to decide reality.

changhong h2 12 Changhong releases the first ever infrared phone thatll help you in more ways than one

It’s a fascinating idea which has a various arrangement of applications. Moreover, Infrared detecting adds another capacity to the cell phone, which up to this point has seen a restricted measure of options. Aside from phone installments, not a solitary new component has been added to cell phones. If Infrared sensing picks up footing, it’s not impossible that mainstream producers, for example, Samsung and Apple will embrace it for their gadgets also.

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The Changhong H2 will be accessible in China beginning the main portion of this current year. For the US, the gadget will come around at some point after June. Given that it’s top of the line by details, you shouldn’t expect a light sticker price either. At this moment, the cost is 2,999 Chinese Yuan, which is about $433. Obviously, official details won’t convert into precisely this number. Are you interested in the Changhong H2? Share your thoughts below.