29z CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January. Spanned over 2.5 million square feet space and showing 3,800 exhibitors, this show will be open to public from 5 January.

“One of the big themes is going to be connectivity. For example, Internet of Things, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, voice-activated communication with things like Alexa and Google Home and higher-value content – 4K-produced content that you can move from device to device,”

said Jeff Joseph, senior vice president for communications and strategic relationships at the Consumer Technology Association.

Automakers’ Focus

Car companies have always used CES as a platform to show their developments, especially in the field of self-driving cars.

29y CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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Faraday Future plans to show its first production car through a live stream. The teaser video, to be released by the company, reveals the electric vehicle as a crossover SUV.

29x CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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Hyundai will be giving rides to the show goers in its “new Ioniq equipped with autonomous driving technology.”

Antuan Goodwin, reporter C/Net RoadShow reports that this technology is competent if a little boring. The car takes extreme care of pedestrians and keeps its speed very slow within the city. Moreover, it never exceeds the speed limit.

29w CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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Chrysler will introduce a battery electric version of its Pacifica minivan. Neither so far has been shared about it and nor is any chance of its being available in the market before 2018.

29v CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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Google has declared that it does not intend to manufacture its own self-driving car

Honda is expected to introduce an electric car that is based on a “box on wheels” concept, called Neuv. Interestingly, the car has an ability to adjust the driving and visual characteristics according to the mood of the occupants.

29u CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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Samsung Galaxy S8 official announcement: The flasgship of S8 has been delayed, final date would be announced at MWC trade show

Rinspeed will surprise everyone with its extremely unique Oasis concept. The car is more like a living room with retractable air vents, television, vegetable armchairs etc. It will provide comfort and ease to the drivers and passengers, as they will be idle in a self-driving car.

29t CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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MobilEye, Tesla’s former partner, has teamed up with Delphi, a major component supplier to the automotive industry, to produce a self driving platform to be used in various cars.

The show visitors will enjoy a 6.3 mile long test drive in companies’ Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) automated driving system. Although its series production is not possible until 2019, this show is considered “the first turnkey, fully integrated automated driving solution with an industry-leading perception system and computing platform.”

29s CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology

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Some very informative speeches are also part of the show, CES 2017. It includes Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who will discuss  “the latest in artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, VR, and gaming.”, and Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan.

29q CES 2017: Eyes on Self driving technology
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There is still a lot to know about the upcoming show in the first press conference on Tuesday, January 3.