The US president Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir recent meeting was held at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. The Russian electronics company Caviar introduces the special edition of the Nokia 3310 for the commemorate this meeting.

Caviar treated as the iPhone with its edition iPhone 6 version with the portrait of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The company did same with the iPhone 7 version, the only change was about to portrait at this time is the Russian President and US president Donald Trump.

Nokia 3310 G20 Summit 1 Caviar Putin Trump portrait version Nokia 3310 is available for you at cheap rates

Now the company, following its tradition, released the Nokia 3310 version with the portrait of Both Russian President and US president. It’s so exciting to buy the special Caviar’s Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit edition.

The latest edition has hundreds of titanium and a special coating of the Damascus steelHave you notices the both leaders’ portraits have the similar direction that indicated the both leaders are showing “a desire for progress in US-Russian relations”. You can buy the Caviar latest edition for $2,466.

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