Ever heard of the HEDT Intel Cascade Lake-X processors? We have got a recent update from Intel’s latest roadmap that shows Cascade Lake-X processors rolling out in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Cascade Lake-X

Intel 2018 Roadmap 1000x562 The latest roadmap by Intel shows the upcoming entry of Cascade Lake X in the SoCs market

Although Intel has released a number of processor series, the Skylake-X architecture was the first one to flaunt the 18-cores in mainstream consumer CPUs. We haven’t received any successor of this architecture until now and it seems like we’ll have to wait until Q4 2018 for the magic to happen. Speaking of the architecture of the Cascade Lake-X, it is assumed that it is based on a 14nm+(+) fabrication node.

The Intel Roadmap

The roadmap further shows that the currently on-going Coffee Lake-S series will be updated with newer SKUs in Q1 2018. There is a confirmed news regarding its start of production in the 5th week of 2018. Moreover, the roadmap discusses the Gemini Lake processors and these SoCs are planned to roll out later this year.


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