Capcom is getting ready for Mega Man 11’s release which is planned in this October. This was announced by the team on their Twitter handle introducing the Blast Man and Torch Man through a short video.


For the character of Blast Man, it was known that players will have to avoid on the levels “fireball-launching foes and explosion-prone mini-bots.”

In regards to the boss Blast Man, we can see from the video that players will have dodge numerous bombs that come from above and some directly at them. Blast Man will also throw out an attack called “chain blast”, chain blast will have four separate bombs attached to it and will hone in on the player, evasive maneuvers will be required to dodge this attack.

Chain Blast

Chain Blast is the reward that the players will get upon killing Blast man. This weapon is equipped with all the capabilities of Blast Man’s weapon.

081517 Capcom rolling out the Mega Man 11 with two new characters, “Blast Man” and “Torch Man”!


The Mega Man 11 title is planned to be released on October 2nd for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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