google maps caching iphone hero This is how you can use the offline mode of Google maps on your iPhone and iPad


The primary benefit that Google Maps appreciates over Apple’s local iOS Maps is its better support network, particularly while disconnected from the internet This is likely the most critical component when you are going for a long get-away, or going through a zone which has no internet options.

“In case you’re going where the internet is a little slow, mobile data is costly, or you can’t get on the web, you can save a region from Google Maps to your telephone or tablet and utilize it when you’re disconnected,” says Google Maps.

Having the offline choice for Google Maps can be very convenient in such circumstances and enabling the function can be a redeeming feature.

19866 20956 googlemaps offline1 l This is how you can use the offline mode of Google maps on your iPhone and iPad


How to enable the offline mode on Your iPad/iPhone

Here is a guide on the best way to utilize the Google Maps in offline mode on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Open the Google Maps application on your iPhone or iPad. Ensure you are connected with the internet and are signed into your Google account.

Step 2: Type in the place you wish to navigate to.

Step 3: The recommendations will be pitched by Google Maps.

Step 4: Next to the recommendations you will notice a “Download” button. Tap on it. Then, tap the “more” button to tune your area and be more precise.

The chosen Google Map would have downloaded to your gadget and can be seen offline later. Since Google Maps automatically changes to the offline mode if the internet connection is low you will have access to it. For however long you have GPS empowered on your iPhone or iPad, Google Maps will demonstrate locations and navigate you through every turn even in the offline mode. The greatest range for offline coverage of Google Maps is 120,000 square kilometers. A search for greater zones will request that you limit it down to a smaller region.

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Restrictions of Google Maps in offline mode

The multiple course recommendation feature can’t be utilized as a part of the offline mode. Google Maps will propose the most ideal route, bearing in mind the traffic conditions and you will be forced to take after that route. Uncommon zones can’t be accessed in the offline mode and saved areas must be updated at least once a month.