As you probably are aware, the new Nvidia Shield TV made its presentation amid CES 2017. If you want to get one, it’s your lucky day since it is presently available to buy. For those not aware about the new Shield Android TV, the gadget features generally an indistinguishable mechanism from its antecedent. Both gadgets are furnished with the Tegra X1 framework and sport a similar design dialect.

Nvidia has additionally said that the old Shield will likewise get the Android Nougat upgrade and potentially all the applications that the new Shield will transport with. Along these lines, while Nvidia is stating that it is a steaming mammoth that can offer as much as three times more speed than its nearest rival, it can’t say the same when contrasted with the old Shield TV.

There are, in any case, key recommendations that could approve Nvidia’s claim that the streaming box is a game-changer. There are the extra elements that set up Nvidia’s aspiration to empower the present and future Shield TVs to end up streaming gadgets, as well as one that can control your savvy home.

The streaming function that Nvidia is presenting in the new Shield TV is essential since it fortifies the gadget’s push to transform into a gaming platform. You will now have a drastically improved game controller, which seemed to have the most work done out of all the new Shield’s segments. There is additionally the enhanced streaming ability to guarantee consistently streamed gaming episode.

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Nvidi Shield game console


Another remarkable component is the Shield’s smart credentials. A microphone has been inserted in the controller so it can bolster the Google Assistant component. A devoted fringe called Shield Spot is additionally being sold independently that will operate with the Shield TV. It can be installed anyplace at home and its encompassing amplifier can get your Google commands, which is then channeled to the Shield box through Wi-Fi for processing and execution.

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Nvidia additionally is by all accounts setting its vision on tapping brilliant apparatuses with the new Shield’s support for SmartThings smart home centre. The new Shield TV is an effective and exceptionally driven item from Nvidia. It does not just offer new and different advantages for buyers, however it supports how Nvidia means to push ahead from an only media gadget to one that additionally fiddles with the domain of Internet-of-Things.

You can buy the Shield TV at the Nvidia site. It is additionally accessible in different retailers and will set you b ck$200. The Shield Pro has a heftier value, retailing for $300.