This is an experiment base study what are the consequences if the a iPhone user shifts from iOS to to Lumia  Google+hangout.The first question comes to the mind is can a iPhone user switch to Lumia or not. Because using a mobile phone is complete shift of habits from one to another operating system. While using a phone even finger has been so much customized where to tap for what purpose.

Charitina Warran is journalist and reporter who has reported a study base on using and shift of mobile phone from one operating system to another and its possible effects on the habits of user.The study focuses on Google+ hangout (it is application that gives the information about nearest cooling points) here number of different mobile know the answer of the question you must have to join the team.

2012 12 04 af livingwithl.aKM  can an iPhone  user switch to Windows Phone 8,what is changing from iPhone to Google+ hangout
Lumia 920

“Want to find out what switching from the iPhone to Windows Phone 8 is really like? Join our Google+ Hangout at 3:00 p.m. EST today and ask away!”

The purpose of this study or experiment is finding the neutral views of different user in comparison and can suggest the best app to use ,reviews about Google+,shift from iPhone toLumia 920 Windows 8 phone.

iPhone 8 is likely to make Apple win v/s Google and Microsoft