Google’s Project Fi services are providing very nice quality of data for internet users but it is not so good for the voice calls. By using Project Fi, we are giving up LTE voice calls with our friends and family. This sacrifice is might not be very long lasting because you always need to call and talk. We are lucky that google is working on it. Google tells its fan that voice is being tested over VoLTE with a “subset” of its user base. But it will only be working when you are using T-Mobile’s network. T-mobile is one of the partners of google from all three partners. By this testing, you can have improved quality, a quicker connection time and faster than ever mind call data speeds.

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Using VoLTE means that now customers will use 4G LTE for phone calls and this will allow them to get better call quality and much faster data connections for using apps and to get other services that need data. You can always judge that you are making a VoLTE call because your signal indicator on the mobile will continue to show LTE in place of falling to “H” HSPA  when you receive or make a call.

For now, the Google is only testing its new technology VoLTE on T-Mobile’s but it has not officially released it. If you are a part of the test then on your mobile your signal indicator in the top status bar will be showing ‘LTE’ when you will be on call.

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Some devices of Pixel and Nexus are already using a new technology of Enhanced 4G LTE Mode ‘ to improve voice quality on calls under Cellular network settings. To apply it go to your phone  Settings > Data usage > Cellular Networks (in the overflow menu) and enable it from there.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is now available on google Play Store for android