Nintendo Switch has always been considered as a console for kids, which is negated by the company several times. Now, it seems like Treyarch is ready to launch their 2018’s first COD, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for Switch, in addition to the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. This was revealed by Marcus Sellars when he told that the game will stick to boots on ground gameplay. Keeping in mind the essence of the game, things like wall running or jump boosting jet packs will no longer be a part of the game.

%name Nintendo Switch to host the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 along with other platforms

The Nintendo Switch Version

Keeping aside the other aspects of the game lets just focus on the console part of it as Switch receiving a game of this level, itself is an achievement. Nintendo has been of the view to get rid of the stereotype that the Switch console is just for kids and to prove that, Black Ops 4 has been brought for the Switch console with support for new DLC map packs, HD Rumble as well as the Joy-Con motion controls.

Activision has this convention of announcing their new Call of Duty titles in the month of April, so we are expecting to learn more about the game in an official release.

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