If you have moved to a new locality or you are suffering from problems with your existing connection of internet, you should know the problems before you switch to other internet connection. The cable internet service uses the same technology that the cable television does. Data travel in cable transmission is through the coaxial cable, also called the “coax”. The cable wire includes a copper core with a dielectric insulator and a woven copper shield with a plastic outer layer. While the cable internet service works with the modem installation at the service destination and a modem termination system at the operator’s location.

1 47 300x115 Cable And The Fiber Broadband Service; Which One Is Faster And Better For You?

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On the other hand, the Fiber internet connection works with a fiber optic cable with plastic fibers or glass fibers. These fibers transmit light instead of electricity which contains the data in light form. The transmission of data through this connection is based on the reflection, refraction and absorption of light. The can only be transmitted if the light continuously reflects through the parts of the transmission cable. This fiber cable consists of two layers, called cladding and core. The material used to manufacture the internal and external sides of the glass is silicon dioxide while the outer cladding has other materials mixed with it to ensure refraction.

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If you have not a connection containing fiber transmission lines, you should get one. Fiber is not only faster, but it is also plain and simple. The speed of down and upload are promised much higher with fiber lines than the cable wires. The speed of downloading data depends on a number of factors other than the transmission lines. A locality with higher rate of internet users may lower down the speed of your internet. Although, it is said that sometimes fiber is immune to this, which is not true. The phenomenon is applied the same way on either of the two.

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