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By mistake Google’s officials confirm the upcoming version Pixel 2


Two months ago tech giant Google announced its latest model Pixel 2. Google Nexus and Pixel phones are middle ranged specs and available with reasonable prices. Google made collaborations with different smartphone makers like LG. The mobile phones have the strong camera feature that is differentiable from its competitors.

The information gathers by the source Android Police. According to the report, in an event, the Google’s officials revealed by mistake its upcoming new version of the pixel. Rumors are about the upcoming version of Pixel with a new design and display screen will also change and be expected to make it stylish as the different latest version of LG or Samsung Galaxy series.

“Muskie” and “Walleye” are the hidden code names used for upcoming devices by the company. Both models are kept hidden under the source code of the Android operating system. This action from the company doubts to launch the new versions of Pixel and Nexus.

If you remember the statement of Rick Osterloh the vice president of Google Corporation that Google planned is to release its new versions of Google Pixel 2. After the launch of Pixel 2, the company will also introduce another version Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 respectively.

The company always focused on reasonable price ranged smartphones. Unfortunately, Google Pixel version is not available in all over the planet. What are your opinion about upcoming Pixel 2, let us know by leaving the comments in the comments box below!


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