Intel’s top-level management had been considering the creation of a new internal group for a long time and the company’s CEO, Brian Kzarnich has turned it into a reality. He said that this group was necessary for the better communication and consideration of its customers. If you don’t know what’s happening in the media and tech industry, let me tell you that currently, there is a turmoil after a news that came out on Intel’s 10-year product stack being almost completely vulnerable to some specific exploits.

Krzanich, in a memo to his employees, said:

It is critical that we continue to work with the industry, to excel at customer satisfaction, to act with uncompromising integrity, and to achieve the highest standards of excellences. Simply put, I want to ensure we continue to respond appropriately, diligently, and with a customer-first attitude.

The Command of The Group

The command chain of this Product Assurance and Security group by Intel consists of:

President: Intel HR chief, Leslie Culbertson
Vice President: Josh Walden

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