Breath of the Wild is one of the best game modding examples we have currently in the present day scenario as we’ve seen a ton of optimization procedures implemented over this game. The Cemu developers have been working on this project to make it an example worth discussing in the game modding community. Aside from what we’ve been seeing lately in the game, here’s what the latest reports show!

trial of the sword header.0 Game Modding : Breath of the Wild being modded for the sake of extended fun and optimization

Pixar Gelling With Zelda’s World

As the heading says it pretty much, Pixar’s art style this time will be seen mixed with the world of Zelda.

Other Gaming Mods

If there is anything we would like to highlight here, it would be the wrong train in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where CJ is forced to swap an armory of guns for swords. The sad part is that Nintendo Switch doesn’t support this vanilla version but some good news is coming too in the same series of events!

With a new enemy and advanced fighting controls, Sea of Thieves update 1.1.0 has been made live!