Bossa Studios, a renowned name in the game production industry, has released a brand-new trailer for their title Surgeon Simulator. The teaser comes in the form of “Bone-Shattering news” as a player flicks the ‘switch.’

About the Trailer

The analysts at TweakTown have defined the trailer as:

If you watch the video, it shows the classical Surgeon Simulator hand navigating its way poorly over a shelf, knocking over several different objects before stopping at a light switch. The hand then proceeds to try and press the light switch, before failing a few times the hand eventually succeeds in ending the video with “coming soon.”   The fact that there is a light switch followed by a ‘coming soon’ heavily suggests that Surgeon Simulator could be on it’s way to the Nintendo Switch. Currently, there is no known release date for a Nintendo Switch version, but for those that cannot wait for the title is already available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices.

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