The manufacturing companies which made a bang-bang entry in the CES 2018, includes ‘Bloody Gaming’, which attracted a great number of people at its booth. The company has a portfolio of manufacturing headphones, keyboards, and gaming mice and especially the gaming headset built on the hybrid diaphragm technology with Carbon Fiber Mycellium compounds was a treat to watch.

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Gaming Peripherals

Not only the headset, Bloody Gaming introduced the Libra keyboard lineup made by using optical switching technology. The optical switching technology is used to maintain a balance between performance and longevity, i.e. “100M” strokes “Battle Tested” logo, a “1:1 Raw Input” and zero digital latency.

MWg56fAN5KZFr0YP New batch of gaming peripherals from Bloody Gaming   The headphones are sick!

Besides the keyboard, the other gaming peripherals introduced at Bloody Gaming’s booth included high-quality LED enabled gaming mice. The mice will be rolled out with matching mouse mats. What makes it different from other gaming mice is the set of ergonomic 5 different buttons in addition to the right and left clickers. They’ll help you play games even better with multiple options under your hand.

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The all new 'Pugio' by ASUS can be your ultimate gaming mouse choice if you are a left-hander!