Yesterday , three bloggers were out of contact via mobile phone as they were imprisoned under cyber Crime in Islamabad.

FIA Cyber Crime wing Islamabad asked some bloggers to come in front for investigation on 31st December 2016. The crime under what they were caught was  to share fake images of Prime Minister and falsely ascribing  justice Saqib Nisar.

On this demand, bloggers present themselves for investigation ,however the images were already removed by them.

Here, the family members of these bloggers had no clue about where they are ,when the investigation officers asked them to contact with them.

These bloggers had been tracked down via WHOIS information on the website after seeing these images there.

It was investigated that these bloggers belong to other thousands online users  who distributed these images through Facebook, whats app etc

Now these fake internet users have taken into custody by the FIA in spite of any official order on the matter.

The interior Minister, Mr, Chaudhary Nisar on the other hand have asked to investigate this  matter and the fake users as soon as possible.

It isn’t sure that which section of cyber crime bill will be applying on these bloggers, but the nature of crime shows that they would be charged with “Cyber Terrorism”.

According to  Section 7 of Cyber Crime Law ,

= the use of threat is designed to coerce, intimidate, overawe or create a sense of fear, panic or insecurity in the government or the public or a section of the public or community or sect or in society

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So, if the the crime is proved in the favor of Bloggers, the bloggers will be fined Rs. 50 million and  poisoned for 14 years.

Some hosting providers and bloggers are residing outside the country but notices were sent to them too.