Step Against Hackers

For the hacker now its a bad news that they are going to stop by the overwatch to avoid illegal activities of creating hacks and cheap tricks to tackle games. Beside fight and taking time on hacker company is going directly towards those who are creating that cheap tricks for hacking. On top of that, Blizzard is also trying to make some straits for the overwatch for the battle with hackers . Net home region, in a bid to combat banned players logging in via a foreign account.

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Hacking Culture

The extra hyper culture of the gaming in current world in south Korea centre PC users, mostly the cafe’s where thousands of player playing games for hours to improve their gaming skills. Some cheats are like electronic steroids which is accepted to some extant,

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Which can be the reason why the epicenter for Blizzard’s cheats epidemic doubts there.


As they are going to deal with the cheaters directly, Blizzardwill now ready to take a step against the developers of the cheats. The company has taken legal steps and action against them before, but all of the sudden plans to do another round. Whether these plans are effective enough for the company or should take some other steps, as it seems difficult to sue a freelance hacker for that they are going to take some actions from somewhere else which they really not going to know.

overwatch 15 million players Blizzard Unveils New Ways to Fight Hacking Help Of Overwatch
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Though Blizzard they can surrender or blocked the cheaters very quickly, Many will simply change their accounts or they will again login from same accounts to continue that illegal activity. By reading copies of the game in their own region, this should be prevented as South Korean gamers need to use their country’s equivalent of a Social Security number to create an account.

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That would be better step for the company to ignore illegal activity and can stop that activity around the world to play fair game according to the law and also the skilled player can use their skills legal to play games.