If you’ve been following Heroes of the Storm’s twitter account, you might have noticed the announcement that they have made for their next hero, ‘Blaze’. Planned to be launched in a month, the battlefield will now witness a Veteran Firebat. Featured in a recently released video, Blaze is now confirmed to be debuting in the Heroes of the Storm.

The Original Firebat Unit

The original Firebat unit will be implemented in the upcoming MOBA but we don’t know much of what the Blaze is capable of! Different forums have been playing guessing games regarding Blaze’s capabilities but one thing is for sure that Firebats within the Starcraft universe are AOE (area of effect) masters. Keeping in mind the previous pattern of the game, such figures are mostly used for defensive purposes. Reason being the dual arm-mounted flamethrowers, we can’t expect any miracle out of it.

blizzcon 2013 heroes of the storm overview panel 12 Heroes of the Storm getting an upgrade   Check out Blaze, the new addition

Juggernaut Plating

Additionally, armored plating is also used by Firebats and this upgrade to their armor is called ‘Juggernaut Plating’. This helps in increasing the Firebats health and base armor. So basically, we have high expectations from Blaze as it can be a great addition to Heroes of the Storm.

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