blackphone 2 official 02a 640x427 c Blackphone 2 updates brick the device Bought on eBay

Silent Circle the manufacturer of the encrypted smartphone issued the new software update Silent OS 3.0.8 on on Dec 29, 2016. The Silent OS is basically Android-based operating system which is built for Blackphone. The new updates disable those phone which is sold by third party sellers.

The statement released by Silent Circle explain that new update is an effort to stop and a crackdown on counterfeit devices, which display the brand of BlackPhone , manufactured and sold without company authorization.The replica of the device causes serious risk for its user as BlackPhone particularly focus on security and encryption.

The company warned buyers from purchasing the smartphone from the unauthorized reseller on January 16. After updates customers who bought the forged Blackphones from unauthorized sellers experience brick devices.

A customer from Germany who bought a Blackphone 2 on eBay contact  Ars Technica that

“The Blackphone 2 I’ve received came in retail packaging and looks just like the one that you guys reviewed. “It worked up to Silent OS 3.0.7 Silent OS, but 3.0.8 seems to intentionally brick the baseband on some devices.”

%name Blackphone 2 updates brick the device Bought on eBay

The reader contacted Silent Circle and received the following response about the issue.


Upon review of the IMEI number (xxxxxxxxxxxx) you provided, it has been determined this device is not a genuine Silent Circle Blackphone 2. This device was not sold by Silent Circle or an approved vendor of Silent Circle and, therefore, we are unable to provide any further assistance.

We recommend you contact the original vendor directly for further assistance.

To purchase a Silent Circle genuine device please visit the following URL:

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Silent Circle Technical Support

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The statement indicates that clone of Blackphone 2 are available in grey market .

As state by Ars, counterfeit devices could be manufactured by the company’s contract manufacturer beyond Silent Circle’s production runs or by another manufacturer who has “cloned” the device.

So if you want to purchase Blackphone, only buy if from official channels: User can buy it from Silent Circle in the Americas, in Europe the Middle East and Africa its available on Kick Mobiles and Styx and Dialog Hub in Asia Pacific.