We recently heard rumors about Blackberry. Where the company was planning to bring two new Android based smartphones into the market. Well it looks we might have a look at one of them in the coming months.

dims 5 Blackberry Rumored To Be Working On A Smartphone With IP67 Water & Dust Resistance

According to Engadget Blackberry is planning to introduce an all touch Android smartphone. Which will be IP67 certified that offers dust and water resistance. While the smartphone will be made in collaboration with both TCL and Blackberry. If you are wondering TCL is responsible for manufacturing Blackberry smartphones. While Blackberry itself is now only responsible for handling its software.

The reason behind provided IP67 certification on a Blackberry smartphone is because, Blackberry wants its user to be able to operate their smartphones under any weather condition. Though there are still limitations to what an IP67 certified smartphone can do. Which certainly will hold up during rain or a drop in the pool. But don’t expect it to go diving with it anytime soon. Aside from that TCL also want users to move onto Blackberry Android smartphone. Because it would be the most secure and durable smartphone.

For now there are no details on this supposedly upcoming smartphone from Blackberry. But it is expected to be quite different from their recently introduced KeyOne smartphone. While in terms of specs the smartphone is expected to come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. That will be running on a 1080P display.

blackberry dtek 50 2 Blackberry Rumored To Be Working On A Smartphone With IP67 Water & Dust Resistance

IFA event is also around the corner, where a lot of smartphone manufactures are waiting to show what they have to offer to the market. Maybe Blackberry is also among these companies and we might see a working Blackberry smartphone with this rumored IP67 certification.

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What do you think about Blackberry and their Android powered smartphones? Is it too late for Blackberry is pick up now with so many other companies competing for the top position.