For the first time BlackBerry has cut down price of  the product in the year.BlackBerry has flattened $120  for the Passport and Passport silver edition.The offer is available for the customers outside of the U.S. like Canada and UK for next 48 hours. The price of passport has already been slashed on black Friday in November 2016 and 20% discount in March 2016.

original BlackBerry Passport and passport silver edition flattened the price up to $120

Specs, feature and price of Passport:

BlackBerry says”The BlackBerry® Passport has a large square touch screen that provides an amazing viewing and reading experience, giving you wider vision that liberates your capabilities. It is costumed for a better web browsing, reading, apps, editing and maps experience.”

BlackBerry Passport is 4.5 inch IPS LCD display with pixel resolution of 1440 x 1440.The phone is designed is designed for multi tasking it ca support up to 10 fingers at the same time with protective Gorilla Glass 3.New keypad is touch captive it allows scrolling and flicking to type.The phone came into two version black and silver in stainless metal body.

maxresdefault 23 BlackBerry Passport and passport silver edition flattened the price up to $120

The smartphone has 13MP camera with autofocus OIS and LED flash.The rear camera is 2MP. BlackBerry OS 10.3 and is upgradable to version 10.3.2. Qualcomm MSM8974AA  RAM 3GB,Internal storage 32 GB, microSD card 256 GB, battery 3450 mAh and snapdragon 801.Well cost of the passport and passport silver edition is market compatible for the other devices.

The Passport’s black is sold for $229 instead of $349, Silver edition in $279 instead of $399.

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