Blackberry have been fighting a lot to push its way into the market. But haven’t been successful yet. Looks like things are going to change now. As the company just announced their new smartphone, with a combination of both Android software with a physical keyboard.

Blackberry officially announced their new flagship smartphone called Blackberry KeyOne. It looks as the company was able to hit if not all, most of the corners, to what a smartphone, in the year 2017 should be like. When it comes to the design Blackberry KeyOne has rounded edges. Which makes it an absolute breeze, while holding it in the hands. At the back of the smartphone is a very grippe surface as well, making the combination of rounded edges with a grippe back, what everyone desires for nowadays. As this eliminates the purpose of a secondary cover for the smartphone.

There is also this satisfying click to all the buttons on the Blackberry KeyOne smartphone, compared to its predecessor known as the Blackberry Priv. Other than that there is also a finger print sensor on the smartphone. Having a very interesting place on the space-bar of the keyboard. Its not a slow sensor this time around as well. As unlocking speed on the new Blackberry KeyOne, is on there with the best smartphones.

Aside from that, the smartphone is equipped with a 4.5 inch LCD display that supports a resolution of 1080 x 1620, Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage with SD card slot support, 12MP camera on the back while an 8MP camera on the front, and to power it all a 3505 mAh battery.

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Blackberry also finally brought Quick Charge 3.0 for their new flagship smartphone. Where the phone is claimed to reach 50% charge in just 36 minutes. That about sums up everything about the new smartphone from Blackberry. And as you can clearly see Blackberry really has tried hard to make it into a phone that’s worth buying.

The price on the new Blackberry KeyOne is not confirmed yet, but its said that it would have an MSRP of $549 and will come with Android 7.0 out of the box. What do you think about Blackberry’s new approach? Would you be interested in getting one.