BlackBerry filed a case against the social networking app Facebook alleging the company infringe patents for multiple apps. The company blames that Facebook is using BlackBerry patents among its messaging services. According to the report, the company officials stated as:

“We have a strong claim that Facebook has infringed on our intellectual property, and after several years of dialogue, we also have an obligation to our shareholders to pursue appropriate legal remedies.”

The company claims that the Facebook used its services for the first time and other social networking apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp are the late comers in the messaging apps. The company named these apps as defendants in the reports.

Blackberry vs Facebook 2018 BlackBerry filed case against Facebook, alleged for the violation of patents

While Facebook is defending the lawsuit filed by Blackberry for patents issue. One of the Facebook official Paul Grewal said in a statement as:

“Blackberry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, Blackberry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight.”

Facebook points out the company is suffering many financial issues, while other party claims that the Instagram story sharing directly from Facebook is Blackberry patent. Keep in mind, last year the company also takes Nokia for patent issues. What are your thoughts about the lawsuit alleging Facebook patent infringements? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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