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Digital Foundry made analysis of the new BioWare’s game Demo ANTHEM and they seemed to confirm two things;

  • The game actually did run on the Xbox One X.
  • The game did not run in native 4k.

During the Microsoft presentation we have seen couple of impressive looking games and one of such games was ANTHEM. It was one of the best looking game ever, the game looks stunning and obviously it was actually said that the game runs on Xbox One X. Many people shortly after presentation were kind of doubtful whether this game actually run on Xbox One X and many actually suggested that it was actually running on a very big beefed up kind of PC but just recently Digital Foundry made an analysis of this game Demo and they seem to confirm that the game actually did run on the Xbox One X.

Digital Foundry confirmed that the game does not run in native 4k, it does run on 4k but it’s being checkerboard rendered 4k. The game is being checkerboard rendered to 2160p which is still good. However, there is big difference between checkerboard rendering and the native 4k because at the end of the day you have this inner clarity kind of things and you don’t really have that artifacts in the native 4k visuals but it’s still 4k.

17 6  BioWare’s game ANTHEM Demo: The game did run on Xbox One X But it did not run in Native 4k

The biggest kind of news is the fact that they are using checkerboard rendering pretty much confirmed that this game demo was running on a console because most likely PC version will not be using any form of checkerboard rendering because that’s unlikely. Which is really good news because that’s just confirms that the game did run on Xbox One X and that Xbox One X is pretty much powerful console because producing such visuals is a big thing.

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However, one thing to be noticed here which is important, the game is pre-alpha version, the game is still actually in development. The game will release by the end of next year.