Among the most famous titles from Bioware, the Mass Effect series is one of them. Though the latest addition to the series named Mass Effect Andromeda, didn’t quiet receive a lot of praise. Mainly because of the faulty and somewhat funny character animations. Which despite being a good looking game with a good story, didn’t make quiet an impact.

Jaal 2 1200x675 Bioware Added Character Improvements In Their Latest 1.08 Patch For Mass Effect Andromeda

Well Bioware since then have been working hard at fixing a lot of things in the game, mainly focused on animations. Where Bioware has now launched a new 1.08 patch that is said to focus on improving in game character creation. Aside from that certain dialogues have also been improved in the new patch. Where the most interesting part is about the new romance option between Scott Ryder and Jaal.

The changes made in the new 1.08 patch includes:

  • Ryder’s appearance can now be changed onboard the Tempest
  • Expanded the range of options available in the character creator
  • Jaal can now be romanced by Scott Ryder
  • Dialogue for Hainly Abrams was adjusted to change the flow of personal information she discusses with Ryder.
  • Fixed issue with Nomad upgrades Shield Crafting quest
  • Nexus level and cryo pod points are retroactively granted
  • Vendors now carry weapon mods for Level 60-71 players
  • Vendors now sell weapon augmentations for automatic fire, burst fire, and single-shot fire
  • Improved clarity of descriptions for augmentations
  • Plasma Charge system now works properly for shotguns
  • Beam Emitter augmentation now causes guns to fire a constant beam with scaling
  • damage based on the weapon’s damage per second
  • [PC] Added experimental support for Dolby Vision™ technology.
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Bioware have started rolling out this new patch for both PC and consoles. Aside from that other improvements were also made to the multiplayer section of the game. Which includes fixes for Stealth Grid challenges and melee attack fixes.