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The Big Bang Of The Year About To Lighten Up;Invitation Send by Alcatel For The MWC February 27, 2017


 is about to give you shock with new features added on to their new phones. The company has sent invitations for its event for the year 2017, which is happening at Barcelona this 27th of February.

To make the participants curios, the official letter was sent in a teased manner to impress them and leaving them absolutely clueless about what awaits for them at the city of Barcelona in España. MNW served at a front line platform for a number of smartphone providers for past number of years. That is one reasons for the expectations of phone manufacturers are getting way up high.

Alcatel At MWC 2017:

Some rumors & leaks, fortunately, floating earlier plus the image sent in the invitations of partly shown device makes its quiet interesting. Especially the sporty rear panel is real eye catching.

The rear panel is said to be LED powered, which responds in accordance to different specified action like while playing music it may show some fancy light show., just like LED light functions in some of the JBL’s Bluetooth speakers.

But That LED panel is just like a rumor like about Alcatel’s other upcoming cellular device will be modular, which means that the device with be powered up with new features and upgraded add-on(s).

On a broader scope the, it will be very much interesting to find out what Alcatel is really hiding under the hood and reveal at MWC to the world keeping the fact that LG has abandoned the same sort of design for the success of its flagships.

More Smartphones From Alcatel?

Reports are telling that Alcatel has a surprise for the participants and everybody. At least 5 more cell phone devices are expected to pop up at the MWC from Alcatel it self. May be, as TCL is parent company of Alcatel, and it owns the right to manufacture Blackberry handsets and those devices that TCL recently produced for this Alcatel could help us speculate that what may be coming would be very much worth waiting.

Rumors are rumors after all, we just can predict only, the reality will be unveiled only after the official event happens the reality can be seen. Fingers crossed.


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