Good news for all the Chrome OS users as the new version, the version 59 has come up with a solution to your printing problems. They weren’t actually problems but with the support added in the latest version, the past of printing seems a matter of stone age. The new feature, named “Native Printing” can directly connect to all compatible printers within your network and that too without any cloud connection.

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Problems of The Past

Previously, one of the problems of printing from Chrome OS included hooking a printer up to Google Cloud Print. This was an extra headache and lengthened even a simple printing process for even a single page. To combat the issue, Chrome OS has been updated and now a locally networked printer can print your documents without the cloud connection.
To put it in simple words, the printing process has been made a lot easier in order to shorten the time taken for printing in the past.

cloudprint 2 Chrome OS version 59 brings more ease to the printing procedure

How to Avail This Option

To use this option, you need to know your printer’s IP address and even if you don’t know it, Google has provided a proper guide for that. Your computer and the printer need to be on the same Wi-Fi network so that the printer recognizes the command from your PC. Simply start the printing process by passing the Ctrl+P command once you have added the printer by inputting its name, address, protocol, and queue.

Appropriate Usage

The most appropriate usage of Native printing can be in the cases like office settings, schools, and other such educational institutions. Obviously, you’ll most probably find Chromebooks in such domains. For those who don’t want to use it, the older technique still persists.

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