In this article aggressive and Hippocratic nature of human being has been criticized. So,similarly i have been annoyed by myself, I just want to get a brake from myself, it not has been easy anymore to be a human. After a critical evaluation of last years of my life,  I have seen myself a bit different from the other member of society, I am polite, simple, forgiving, give comfort zone to others,less cruel, loyal friend, never wanted to cheat anyone, above all I am very much concerned to whom who pays attention toward me I an not mean. I always keep myself humble and harmless to other.Then ultimately after my comparison with human instincts I disqualify myself of being human anymore .I find potential output of my capabilities is being dog and I conscious with my all senses apply dogs vacancy.

I have always been a great fan of dogs but less fan of human , because every god is same with his or her basic dog like instincts but human being  varies at each and every point of there life.Human being has been created as the master piece  of nature with all goodness and kindness,But unfortunately he has forgotten every single word of nature’s lesson.


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I will try my level best to fulfill my master’s orders

Anyways if I would be  hired for the position of being dog i ensure you i will never do backbiting, leg pulling , give harm to other , get jealous of anyone, will never poke my nose in other ‘s business.I also will try my level best to soft speaker,polite,humble, silent , mature, happy for other’s sake, will never spoil other life for the sake of my own benefit. It will be my hard try to be less human and more dog.

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Dogs are more human

Being human is also inferior in the sense of reading nature’s sign ,I never detected any  thief , I have zero sense of smell especially in case of danger I am very much use to of loosing my temper. Consequently i disqualify myself of being human and apply for the job of dog.