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Austrian manufacturing company, Noctua has come up with some new fan designs and other cooling options designed specially for AMD


Newer things are being revealed as more and more news continue to pour in from the Computex 2017 event. Where other companies including Sapphire have put a lot on the table for the tech geeks, the Noctua company has also something new on their side. The Austrian hardware manufacturing company has introduced much in the cooling area that it won’t remain difficult for you anymore to overclock while you are killing those high-end games.

The Cooling Lineup by Noctua

In addition to the company’s other cool offerings, the Computex 2017 event has served as home to 3 major new offerings from the company which include:

  1. New fans with different color options
  2. An all-new cooler specifically for AMD’s massive Threadripper CPU
  3. A new AM4 low-profile cooler for Ryzen users

The New Fans

The new black fans are aimed to feature replaceable corner mounts according to the color of your choice. The lineup also includes water resistant durable industrial grade fans in addition to the all new PWM fan controller. Noctua aims to fix the PWM ecosystem through this cooler. The secret behind the improved cooling in this lineup is the slightly redesigned heatsinks with different fin spacing and more heat pipes.

Cooler for Threadripper CPU

The unexpectedly large sized 16 core Threadripper processor chip by AMD blew our minds away. Revealed earlier this week, this chip requires a purpose built cooler for it and most of the companies that are currently producing coolers, won’t be redesigning their coolers to cover the entire heat spreader. To fill this gap, Noctua has jumped into the scene with the production of purpose-built coolers with almost the same heat pipe design and fin stack.

NH-L9 Low-Profile AM4 Cooler

Last but not the least, NH-L9 low-profile AM4 Cooler by Noctua has also been displayed at the event which is compatible with the 95W TDP 8-Core Ryzen CPU at stock speeds. This compatibility stands prior to overclocking but if you really wanna go for overclocking, the 6-core Ryzen variants can be the best choice. This is all due to the new blade design used in it that has a polymer-based material.


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