Game of Thrones has broken all popularity records among all the seasons and especially this one went beyond the producers’ expectations. Keeping in mind the immense popularity of the season, the famous game developers, Bethesda has decided to launch a game based on the season. The company is said to be launching three mega projects including ‘The Elder Scrolls’, Game of Thrones and the third one is still unknown.

636 1024x411 Bethesdas future plans include a game based on the famous season, Game of Thrones

Bethesda Softworks

The name is enough for the fans as this is the development studio behind plenty of the major titles of the present time, including Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. The rumors claim that the next big project of the company includes a game based on the famous HBO season Game of Thrones. The series is actually based on George RR Martin novels and the world has actually gone crazy for it. The title “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” was spotted on the company’s official website but there are no details about the upcoming project. Besides this, Todd Howards says regarding the developers:

Two larger projects that are more classically the scale of what we do, but even bigger.


This is not the first time that someone has got the idea of turning the popular season into a game rather some time ago, Cyanide Studios and Focus Home worked to develop a Game of Thrones RPG. The Role Play Game was not a big hit and hence many of the people didn’t even know about it. Moreover, a title dubbed as Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms was also introduced as a MMORPG but still, it couldn’t make it to the hearts of people. Maybe it’s because people prefer more watching the season than playing games based on it.

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