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Best Travel Companion; Google Trips Getting More Powerful With Recent New Updates

Google Trips

Last year Google launched an app for iOS and Android which was prove to be helpful especially for tourist and travellers, Google’s ‘Trips’ app. The app prove to be a complete accommodative and supportive guide as it manage your whole trip from beginning to the end, but despite of that some key features were still missing in it. So, to fulfil these lacking features Google update it recently.

On Wednesday, the giant web announced 3 new features for Google Trip, will be applicable for both android and iOS. No matter that you are traveling by air or by train or bus through road you can book your reservation. Now you can add your flight number, airline or the name of your hotel even you haven’t received any confirmation email. You can now also share your travel plan and itineraries with your friends and families, really awesome feature if travelling in a group or with a team. In previous version of ‘Trips’ we were only able to book hotels, flights,cars and reserve restaurants.

To make an update you have to move in to the reservation section and just press ‘+’ point to update.

According to cntraveler;

“We really want [Google Trips] to be an on-the-go, in-your-pocket travel guide”—something people can use when they’re on a trip, in a foreign city, rather than just when they’re planning, said Jonathan Alferness, Google’s VP of product for travel

You can find several travel apps in todays era, but Google Trips covered vast amount of restaurants, landmarks and other impressive location datas. Google Trips will try its ever best to provide you the offer you are interest in. Lets have an update and try it.

What do you think about Google ‘Trips’ app? Share your views in the comment box below, we will response you soon.


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