SNES is one of the best gaming consoles that allow a user to play the games on android. You play the games for your entertainment. Some of SNES Emulators for Android are available for free rest of the others are available at affordable cost. Some of the game titles remain popular over the year.

Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, and Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter II & Donkey Kong Country are some of the popular game titles that supports for the android versions. Here are some best SNES emulators available for Android.

SuperRetro16 SNES emulator

Super Reto 16 is one of the best SNES emulator available for you. The device allows for storage support, number of control functions like fast forward, reload, save the pages and many more functions.

Moreover, you may enhance the visualization while a gamer play in a game. The alternatives for the Super Reto 16 are available, but the gaming console have many popular and available for free. The more features can be purchased by paying $1.99 monthly.

Matsu Emulator

Matsu Emulator 840x472 Best SNES emulators for playing old title games on Android

Mastu Emulator considers as all in one type of emulator because it supports SNES, PSX, NES, GBA, GBC, Genesis and many of the other consoles. Many of developer already working for the improvements and adding new features and functions.

The Mastu Emulator never recorded the problems in gaming. The emulator support for the fast forward, load and save the states. You can buy them by paying the $ 7.99. You can try the emulator for free.


The John SNES is one of the emulator which supports for each game. John SNES not only work for the featured emulators, However, their support for the on-screen, wireless, wired, and Bluetooth), cheat code support, fast forward and slow motion modes, turbo button support. The John SNES is avail-tab for free, however, the customized addition can be purchased for $ 2.99.

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John SNES screenshot 2016 840x473 Best SNES emulators for playing old title games on Android